Monday, 5 May 2014

More than...

As a teenager and constantly being surrounded by teenagers I realized a trend that has been formed in our generation. We allow other people to dictate how we think about ourselves. We allow society to tell us who we are rather than reaching for the stars that striving for excellence. I am here to tell you. 

You are more than...
What others say about you 
The standard society sets for teenagers 
The mistakes of your past 
The mistakes of your future 
The grades you get in school 
How much you weigh 
Your downfalls 
Your loses 
The people who tell you no 
Your hurts 
Your fears 

You are more. 

What prevents you from being the best you can be? What keeps you up at night, and haunts you day after day? Sometimes nothing can comfort the loniness and emptiness you feel in your times of need, but know that you are more than the darkness this world is, and you will get through this dessert time. Before I to give my life to Christ I struggled to feel as though I was more than what I was perceived to be. After being a Christian for a number of years now I have become more at piece with knowing that I am a new person in Christ and that no matter what anyone says about me I find my identity in one place only, and that place is in the perfect of Jesus Christ. Religion may not be for everyone, that was just an example of where I found my "more". What's you're more? What do you find your identity in? Just know... No matter what, you are more. 

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