Thursday, 8 May 2014

The simplicity of sunrise

So I was scrolling though my camera role and wanted to make a graphic for my blog. I found this photo and knew right away I wanted to do something with it. This photo took me back to the moment where I was sitting on the mountain side of rural Kenya gazing out into the distance and seeing the sun peak out from hiding for the first time that day. Now I've been alive for approximately 6705 sunrises, and most days I take for granted this beauty that is the sunrise. Sunrise is something that happens everyday but yet is something that will always be gorgeous. How did it take 18 years to realize this beauty? It is easy to take for granted something that happens everyday, but it would be something that you would notice its absence. Imagine if one day the sun ceased to rise, suddenly our lives would change and there would be nothing we could do. Don't take the little things for granted enjoy all parts of life, because you never know when your life will take a u turn. I'm not saying that one day the sun will cease to rise, but eventually your life will be diffferent than it is right now and only you can appreciate every moment that you have gratefully been given. 

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