Monday, 17 February 2014

Beauty in the Brokenness

I thought it would be beneficial to explain the meaning behind the name of my blog. Beauty in the Brokenness is a short and accurate world view of mine. Throughout my life as a young person I have been exposed to the beauties of this world. Although this world is full of beauty it is all within the context of brokenness. We live in a broken and corrupt world, but yet beauty does not cease to exist. In my life I have seen children struggle to get an education, women walk miles for clean water, and families in my own backyard struggle to provide for their basic needs. In the chaos of that hurt and brokenness it's hard to ignore the beauty. The beauty of kids being kids even in extreme poverty, or looking out on the African savannah and seeing the breathe taking view of the sunrise. Our world is broken, but don't stop trying to see the beauty. Even beauty can outshine brokenness. 

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