Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick write- beauty in the small things

As young child I can remember being told "don't fret the small things." The small things are always overpassed, the small things are always insignificant, yet the small things are what can extract the greatest beauty from life. Something as simple as waking up in the morning and seeing the fresh snow fall laying its ground on the trees can create such beauty that not even the greatest struggles in life can hide its presence. Sometimes in life I find we get caught up in the big picture so much so that we forget to pause and enjoy life's little moments surrounding us. Stress, emotion, and chaos are apart of our daily life, but what if we put that on hold for just a moment to admire the beauty that is before us. Last winter when I was on a band trip to Cuba it was easy to get caught up in the elements around you, the music, the people, the excitement. None of those things I mentioned were bad, yet they took away from sitting back and enjoying the beauty. Stepping back for a second you realize the awe that comes with staring out into the vast ocean, or looking down the beach and seeing a perfect sunset. The ocean was never not there, and the sun never ceased to rise, instead it was me who failed to acknowledge the beauty in the small things I took for granted. Don't take life's beautiful moments for granted, sit back and enjoy the ride.  

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