Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mortimer, Robert Munsch, and childhood memories

Today in class we had the opportunity to skype into a grade 3 class in Thompson, Manitoba and read them the book Mortimer. I remember when I was a kid, waiting anxiously for that time before bed where my mom would read me classics like Robert Munsch. Now that I am 18 it is a weird to think back to the days where I was the anxious listener waiting to see the outcome of the conflicts Robert Munsch made so famous. Robert Munsch created memories that will be forever apart of my childhood and the opportunity to share my love for his books was a great experience. I've always been one that believes we can connect with people beyond our own personal social bubble to create memories and experience. This skype reading session was a great example of that belief in practice. I hope I get to continue to use technology as a way to connect with people on a unique basis outside of the norm of society. 

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  1. As the teacher of the grade 3 class I want to say thank you for reading to my students. When I listened to the story I was thinking about how I liked hearing Robert Munsch books out loud. Mortimer was one of my favourite books as a child. It is amazing how Robert Munsch can still be just as popular with my students as he was with you ten years ago as well as with me another ten years ago. It just shows what a wonderful author he is.