Thursday, 6 March 2014

Six word memoir #2- Growing up

(1) How does the image and the words fit together?
As you may have noticed, this six word memoir does not actually contain a photo. This was an intentional choice of mine so that I could create a contrast between the words and the background, as well as the literal representation of the symbolic phrase. White in this case represents purity, and newness. These words are symbolic of my religious journey growing up, and how Christ has changed me and made me a new person in him. Christianity isn't complex unless you make it complex, just like this picture isn't complex unless you make it complex. In order to make these six words effective I wanted to stay true to the simplicity of it's message. 

(4) How did you use punctuation to clarify your message?
In this particular six word memoir I chose a simple period to convey the message in my six word memoir. I feel as though my message is very to the point and adding comas and semi colons would just take away from what I am trying to say. I think that simplicity in this case is almost symbolic as I believe that Jesus washed my sins away by taking them on the cross with him. I am a messed up person, but because of Christ I have redemption. There is no question about that, there is no If's or stipulations that's it. I am saved period. Simplicity is going back to what Christianity is Jesus saved me, no strings attached, and that is what I chose for this message to convey. 

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