Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Six word memoir- #4 Hate

(1) How does the image and the words fit together?
This image that I chose I created from the ground up. I wrote out the hello my name is sticker, photographed it, and edited it to create the effect I was looking for. Right from the start I was going after a mood of darkness and shame. The one thing I hate in this world is injustice especially when it involves children. I wanted people to be exposed to a potentially shocking reality before they read my words which expresses my hate for that reality. If people don't understand there is a problem, then how would you develop a hate for it? I believe this is a dark hate and this image brings a tone of darkness to match my feeling on this issue. Overall I feel like hate is a strong emotion and if you intend on expressing it you need to do so in a way that is expressive, and creative, and not just through aner but through sadness and longing. 

(3) How did you use punctuation to clarify your message?
In this six word memoir I used two forms of punctuation, a period and a coma. Both I believe were necessary in order to convey an impactful message. I think that adding the comma allows the reader to digest the idea that "my heart breaks" those words are rather heavy and I think that it takes time to fully understand what it feels like to have a broken heart. I didn't say my heart is sad, or my heart is rattled, I said my heart breaks. By allowing a place in the sentence for the reader to comprehend the magnitude of those words it brings more impact to the back half of the sentence. Now at the end I explain why my heart breaks, it's "when innocence falls." Again this is a more complex idea, and makes you contemplate what innocence is and what it means when it falls. In the end I put a period because it is a statement, and didn't really need an exclamation point to get a strong point across. 

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