Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Igniting, and presenting

Tonight I was given the opportunity to give an ignite presentation. There was a lot of unique aspects to this presentation and I was so blessed that I was given the opportunity to share my mind. First off for those of you who don't know an ignite presentation is one in which you are given exactly five minutes, and you have a slide show with 20 slides that self advance every 15 seconds. Being an avid presenter these last few months, I was thirsty for a new challenge in my relm of presenting. Generally I would get up with a PowerPoint and speak to each picture and answer the questions my audience would have on my specific topic. Being forced to convey a strong message in such a short period of time was by far one of the more challenging things I've done. One thing I learned from this whole experience was sometimes you can't over think things. I remember when I first started writing this presentation and stressing over saying the right thing, or making everything line up. But after pouring my heart out into those five minutes I can now say that if you are passionate, people will listen no matter if you're presentation is perfect or not. Another fear I had going into tonight was my audience. Generally I speak to students about my adventure to Kenya, and how they can get involved in being a change in the world. Tonight I was speaking to a more educated audience and it was hard not to let that one aspect freak me out. I guess my learning moment from that was people are people. People of all ages will care about what you have to say, if you care about what you have to say. Spreading my message of being a light in this dark world is something that I feel extremely passionate about and no matter my age, or how technical my message is, people care because I care. I can't wait to see where my future takes me, and I hope that I continue to challenge myself in spreading my message of being a spark in the darkness. Thank you all for supporting me, and listening to what I have to say. I am so incredibly blessed to know how many people support me and passion. 

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