Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write: best meal

If someone ever asked me what my ideal meal would be I right away would say an East Indian feast. I absolutely love Indian food, which I might be biased towards as I've eaten it all my life because my family has an East Indian background. First there would be pea pilau. It would be fried in this seemingly sweet mix of spices, that would explode in your mouth once consumed. The smell would lead you to think that this is a rather tame and dull dish but once the first spoon hits your mouth you will want to scarf down te entire bowl because of it's addicting combination of spice and vegetables. The pea pilau would then be topped with a simple and traditions chicken curry. This dish would be filled with spices, enough to leave a good kick in your mouth but not enough to turn you away to chug back a pitcher of water. The chicken would be tender and again containing a sweetness that is then masked by the numerous spices inside. The sauce would be creamy and oily, and when topped on the pea pilau the combo would leave you drooling for more. Every good East Indian dish is accompanied by warm, soft naan bread. When you open up the bundle of bread your glasses would be covered in condensation from the steam rising. You would break the naan and scoop up the curry with the naan which would make the spice more bearable. On the side you would have non traditional glass of chocolate milk, because who doesn't like chocolate milk? My ideal meal would be someone traditional, that reminds me of my roots but never seems to let me down in terms of being a fantastic dinner choice. 

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