Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Session

1) what went well with today's skype session? 

I think today went well because all of the kids in Thompson seemed very attentive to what we were saying about our procedural writing. I think that we had good flow to what we were saying even though we didn't get in much practice. I enjoyed sharing a more light hearted topic of mine for our procedural writing and I think that both sides of the conversation were engaged and into what was going on. 

2) what's the value in using skype to collaborate? 

I think that technology especially skype has allowed us to connect with a group of younger students that we would normally not get to connect with. Technology has allowed me personally have so many oppurtunities to share with people who I normally would not have connected with. Our skype relationship with the grade three class in Thompson is no exception to this. I believe that people are meant to connect to other people and that distance should never be a barrier to having a relationship. Some of my best friends live miles away and through technology we have been able to keep in contact. I personally like bases like skype or FaceTime because it allows a very real aspect to come with our sessions because we can see and hear each thee without being anywhere near each other. I think technology can be used in a way in which is beneficial and positive if you explode outside of what we normally see in a class room. 

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