Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write: Eden

When I think of my "Eden" all I think of is heaven. To me the only perfect land would be what heaven is like, and in my head I think I have my hopes of what that will be like. First of all heaven will have everything good, only good things can be in heaven therefore there will obviously be Starbucks, McDonald's fries, puppies, and kittens that never grow into full grown cats. I think that heaven will be the place where no one is sad, no one is broken, and where there is just this overwhelming sense of love and togetherness. I think heaven will be the place where there is always a party, you are always just joyful and celebrating that joy through amazing soulful music, dancing, and creative expression. Personally I would hope that heaven would only have sunny skies that never end and never snow, but who knows maybe by then I will miss the bitter winter.  I think the absolute best part of heaven will be spending eternity with a bunch of people who love Jesus and who aren't afraid to hide it, like what could be better? A place where you are made new, and you are free to be yourself no matter what that is. I think that heaven would be plastered with bright colours, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, colours that make you think joy and happiness. Well I can't wait until the day where this all comes true, but until then I can only dream of what heaven will be like in utter perfection. 

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  1. Micayla, your "Eden" sounds amazing! What made you think of your "Eden" as heaven?