Monday, 21 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

Six word memoirs:
I really enjoyed making the six word memoirs. I think that it was a good challenge for myself as a writer because it forced me to tell my story in six short words. I feel like the messages I was trying to get across were quite heavy and deep, but by being forced to convey it in 6 words allowed me to simplify what I was trying to say, and get down to the heart of my message. I think for me personally what went well was having the ability to connect my words to personal visuals. I really love creating graphics, and photos so to be able to tell a story that relied a lot on the visual aspect was something that I felt I was strong at. Something I know I wanted to improve on was my choice of punctuation. Throughout all of my six word memoirs I went with a simplicity approach, by using just periods, or at times a comma followed by a period. I wish that I would've challenged myself more in using different types of punctuation. I think with the 6 words memoirs I chose that additional punctuation would've been unnecessary, but I would've liked to have allowed myself to try different things. Overall I really enjoyed the six word memoir project, and I think it will be something I use outside of this class. I really enjoy telling stories, and sharing about things that matter to me and i loved the challenge of creating an impactful story in six short words.

IGNITE presentations:
At first i would say more than anything the IGNITE presentation stressed me out. I had a relatively good idea of what I wanted to talk about, but i was nervous about the format as well as how I was going to convery my message under a strict framework. Having such a loose idea of what needed to be in a "good" IGNITE, but having a tight format really put pressure on me to deliver what I wanted to say. I don't feel that i was rushed or unprepared for this project at all. Sure more time is always nice, but I felt like i had my project together in a presentable manner for the due date given. One thing for me that i would say didn't go well was my timing during preperation. I was really stressing about saying what I needed to say, and doing it in five minutes. With all of that being said it led to me feeling really nervous when I practiced that i talked so fast that you would not be able to understand me, and that my presentation was two minutes short. With some practice, and voice recordings I was able to listen to myself and fix where I felt I was not paced, and learn how to be calm even in a seemingly stressful situation. I think that alone was a huge learning moment for me, staying calm and being confident in my message even in restrictive circumstances. I think this project made me a better public speaker, because although I have given many presentation with a similar message, this one pushed me out of my comfort zone and exposed my flaws as a speaker, which in turn caused me to grow in my speaking skills. Overall I think that many things went well with this project, I think that I did the best job that i could've done given my time frame, and would like to experiment with new templates of presenting in the future.

Blogging for me was a new experience. Usually I like to live in a bubble and not really be super open about my life, esspecially in an online setting. That being said I think blogging was a little bit of a struggle for me just because with the whole posting assignments thing it almost seemed like no one would know if i handed it in late because it was online instead of in person. I think this was kind of a poor attitude and once i got rid of that i found myself enjoying blogging more because I had more time to share about things i cared about rather than just assignments. In terms of personal additions I went with more of a quality of quantity approach. Instead of posting tons of links and pictures everday i decided to think about things that were on my mind and give a longer and more indepth post on my thoughts, and opinions on that topic. I know that in the future I would like to make more personal additions, but I feel the ones that I did post were high quality. Commenting on others blogs is what I struggled witht the most. I don't think that I did a very good job about giving constructive comments to others. Comments from me were in very few quantities most becuase I think I forgot or never really thought about the fact that it was something I needed to do. In the future I think it would be nice to do more personal additions featuring questions to start a conversation, as well as give others good constructive comments.

Connecting and engaging:
I find many things we do in this class interesting because it pushed me outside of what I expect from an English class. That being said i would like to contribute more to the class so I can get the full potential out of what this class has to offer. Sometimes I find myself being that quiet observer in class, mostly because I want to digest what I am doing or what we are discussing instead of always doing the talking. I also think that most of the things that I have to say are good contributions and that I should share more than keep to myself. One thing I would like to do more of in class is ask questions. I think that asking questions is a great way to gain more information and perspective on what we are discussing. In terms of attendance I think that I have been here on a regular basis with my assignments ready to go. I think that most of your success from a class comes from just being there, so that is something I have for sure tried to value throughout this semester.


1) More comments: I would like to spend more time commenting on others blogs. I think that this will be a good way to start conversations, as well as make the blogging aspect of this class more interesting and personal. I like the idea of being able to see other peoples work and giving them comments to encourage them or help them out.

2) Ask more questions: I would love to prioritize asking questions, whether that be on my blog, others blogs, or in class. I think that posing questions on my blog will encourage others who are looking to comment to start a conversation. I beleive that commenting with a question on others blogs will allow me to understand more about them, as well as why they made the choices they did. And I think asking questions in class will allow me to get the most out of it, and understand why and how to learn in the most effective way I can.

3) More personal additions: I think that I could include more personal additions on my blog, and maybe some that aren't as long but even just a link, or a photo I took.

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