Thursday, 5 June 2014

Song Profile: "You Make Me Brave"

You Make Me Brave 
By: Bethel Music & Amanda Cook 

As many of you may know, I love music. I love writing music, playing music, and appreciating other artists music. I thought it would be good to appreciate some of my favourite songs, and express the reasons why I like them. I could spend hours sometimes just playing others music, but then in turn making their words my words, it's truly a unique experience. I will start with a relatively new song called "You Make Me Brave." I absolutely love this song. This song was written in conjunction with Bethel Music but was actually written by a Manitoba native Amanada Cook. I love when artists compare God's love, grace, and character to those of an ocean. It's such a great picture and visual for understanding the magnitude of God. In the chorus of this song it says "as Your love in wave after wave, crashes over me, crashes over me." I think that is such an amazing picture of love, like a wave with so much power and force comes at you so does God's love. Moving into the bridge it repeats "you make me brave, you make me brave, you called me out beyond the storm into the waves. You make me brave, you make me brave, no fear can hinder now the promises you made." This is such a simple yet powerful statement, which I really appreciate in the bridge of a song. Sometimes just keeping your message short and sincere is more impactful to your listener then trying to expresses your emotions in many words. Overall I absolutely love Bethel Music, especially their new song "You Make Me Brave."

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